Latin Dance Classes

At A&J, we provide a wide range of dance courses. The main categories of dances are: Latin Dance, Social Dance, Club Dance, Ballroom, Solo dance and Fitness. We ensure all dances can be appreciated by working adults onwards. Not forgetting, we also provide Junior classes to nurture young potentials.

Latin dance class is the generalized term for the ballroom and folk dances originating from Latin America. In the international scene of dance sport competition, the categories of Latin dance comprise Cha-Cha, Paso-Doble, Samba and the Jive of USA origin. They can as well be danced socially.

Latin dance is known for its sexy flair and sensual hip action. It is also gaining recognition on every dance floor. One major sector that this dance has infiltrated is the movie industry. Learning Latin dances could be fairly easy as most of categories are made up of the same basic steps.

So, if you want to learn Latin dance and have fun while doing it, we’ve got you covered! We offer group and private Latin dance classes for kids, teens, adults as well as for corporate groups. We have developed our curriculum to suit students of all ages and help them navigate to a healthy lifestyle and enhance overall image.

Our classes are divided into different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. This way the instructor can focus on the type of dance background that you have.

Learn the following

  • Latin styling and musicality
  • Placement and body alignment 
  • Turn techniques – posture & balance
  • Coordination and movement quality
  • Presentation and charisma
  • Characteristic (Story of a Dance)


  • Stay healthy and get a good dance workout 
  • Increase your confidence in Latin dances
  • Self motivation and self discipline
  • Developing strong dance foundation and skills
  • Good preparation program for exam, Showdance performances and competitions
  • Get exposure and chance to socialise with all kinds of people.

Do I Need to Bring My Own Partner?

It’s always best to have your own dancing partner. However, if you have yet to find one, you are still welcome to join our classes. As dancing is a social activity, we encourage students to rotate partners while in class as we believe different people have different techniques of dancing. This will help students adapt to different style of lead and follow thus help them to achieve precision.

What to Wear/Bring to Class

If you are from the office, office wear will be sufficient. Please ensure that you do not use slippers or flip-flops. Shoes with ankle support would be a better choice to ensure comfort. If you are from home, casual wear would be acceptable.

For Intermediate level Students:

To enhance your dancing style, do invest on proper dancing shoes, for both men n ladies as dancing shoes are able to facilitate your dance movement. Otherwise, please avoid slippers and flip-flops.

It’s important to ensure comfort while in class. Bring a towel and drinks to hydrate yourself as well.

Get started now and learn straight from professional Latin dance experts. Get up, grab your dancing shoes and see you at here at A&J!



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