TimeClassDateTrainerCourse Fees 
04.15PM - 05.15PMTeens Hip Hop 20.10.17Syarul$150.00/10wksLearn more / Register
04.15PM - 05.15PMIntro to Junior Rock 'n Roll20.10.17Jeesie$90.00/5wksCall to register
05.15PM - 06.15PMJunior Kpop MTV
20.10.17Jessica$150.00/10wksLearn more / Register
05.15PM - 06.15PMIntro to Junior Latin Samba20.10.17Jeesie$90.00/5wksCall to register
06.15PM - 07.15PMIntro to Junior Latin Jive20.10.17Jeesie$90.00/5wksCall to register


TimeClassDateTrainerCourse Fees 
01.00PM - 02.00PMJunior Zumba Fitness21.10.17Rebecca$150.00/10wksLearn more / Register
02.00PM - 03.00PMJunior Hip Hop (Beg)21.10.17Syarul$150.00/10wksLearn more / Register
03.00PM - 04.00PMKids Kpop MTV Dance21.10.17Angie$150.00/10wksLearn more / Register


TimeClassDateTrainerCourse Fees 
10.00AM - 11.00AMKids & Parents
Creative Dance
22.10.17Cheng $150.00/10wksLearn more / Register
11.00AM - 12.00AMJunior Latin Cha Cha Cha (Ele)22.10.17Jeesie$150.00/10wksLearn more / Register
01.00PM - 02.00PMJunior Hip Hop Groove22.10.17Angie$150.00/10wksLearn more / Register
02.00PM - 03.00PMKids Hip Hop Groove22.10.17Sarah$150.00/10wksLearn more / Register
04.00pm - 05.00pmJunior Salsa (Beg)22.10.17Jeesie$ 150.00/10wksLearn more / Register
05.00PM - 06.00PMJunior J/K Pop22.10.17Yi-Fan$150.00/10wksLearn more / Register