Hip Hop

Hip Hop is the popular, urban, youth culture style of dance, originating from the street and as a result adding a funkier edge to the basic styles of the dance. It is characterized by energetic, athletic and bouncy moves dance to the tune of latest Pop, Funk, Rap, and R&B hits.



A very popular style combining energetic modern dance styles and ballet. Jazz provides a good foundation for other dance forms as it is versatile enough to incorporate into many other types of dances.

Japanese/Korean Pop

This “Pop” generation style of dance is a combination of Japanese & Korean Music. Learn the trendy and innovative shakes and moves of this dance and be the next “in” thing! Definitely not to be missed for all Asian pop lovers!

Kpop MTV Dance

Inspired by the fusion of Street Funk and Hip Hop as seen in popular Korean music videos and fancy yourself learning those cool dance moves? It is characterized by energetic, athletic and bouncy moves dance to the tune of latest Kpop hits.


Sexy Exotic

Learn how to find your own inner beauty and grace, and combine it into a sensual movement. Tone and shape your body through the execution of a variety of dance movements.


Street Jazz

Street Jazz is improvisational in nature and stems from modern-day dance styles, like hip hop, breakdancing, funk and electronic dance.


Funk Style Popping

Popping is one of the original funk styles that originated in California in the 1960’s. It is based on the technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk in the dancer’s body.


Street Jazz – Girls Style

Improvisational dance with a feminine edge.

Introduction to Hip Hop. Hip Hop for complete beginners, taking it step by step from the start.


Intro to Hip Hop

All the most recent Hip Hop moves to wow your friends with.



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