A popular club dance which evolved from different Latin music styles and Afro-jazz from Cuba and Puerto Rico. Characterized by subtle hip movements and intimate dance position. Salsa dance is a combination of different dance styles, just like the sauce, “salsa,” which is a delicious mixture of various ingredients

Club Cha Cha

The Club Cha Cha is an elegant and rhythmical dance that comes from Cuba. It is a fusion of Latin Cha Cha Cha & Salsa with a style that allows for a natural movement, giving room for freedom of expression to the music.



The national dance of the Dominican Republic. Perfect for beginners as it is very easy to learn. Just enjoy stepping into Latin beats, move your hips and express yourself to the music.


Bachata Tango

A style of dance that fuses the basic footwork pattern of Dominican bachata and Argentine tango movements. You can master it after learning the basic steps, rhythm and styles.



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