First of all, you need to ask yourself which dance categories are you interested in. Still not sure? Here are some tips:

For Fresh New Beginners with no dancing background – Solo dance, Fitness and Social dance are most recommended. These dances are easy to pick up yet its fun to learn. Classes such as Social Cha Cha, Japanese/Korean Pop and Zumba will give you a great introduction to dancing.

With Dancing Background – Latin Dances and Ballroom dances are great dances to explore. For fast fun dance moves, try taking up Latin Jive, Latin Cha Cha or Quickstep. For more sexy moves, Latin Rumba, Waltz and Tango would be an ideal choice.

At A&J, we provide a wide range of dance courses. The main categories of dances are: Latin Dance, Social Dance, Club Dance, Ballroom, Solo dance and Fitness. We ensure all dances can be appreciated by working adults onwards. Not forgetting, we also provide Junior classes to nurture young potentials.

All students are required to pay a one-time registration fee of $20 to join a course.

Yes, we have trial classes for all ongoing/open Solo & Fitness classes only.

For Beginners doing Latin, Club, Social and ballroom Classes:

If you are from the office, office wear will be sufficient. Please ensure that you do not use slippers or flip-flops. Shoes with ankle support would be a better choice to ensure comfort. If you are from home, casual wear would be acceptable.

For Intermediate level Students:

To enhance your dancing style, do invest on proper dancing shoes, for both men n ladies as dancing shoes are able to facilitate your dance movement. Otherwise, please avoid slippers and flip-flops.

For MTV Dance, Hip Hop and other Fitness dance classes:

Gym gear with track shoes or jazz shoes is recommended to ensure comfort while in class. Bring a towel for yourself as well.

To meet the needs of different individuals, we provide different modes of lesson. Other than public classes, which are pre-scheduled, we also provide private lessons as well as semi private at your own convenient time. Feel free to email your enquiries or give us a call at 65382727.

It’s always best to have your own dancing partner. However, if you have yet to find one, you are still welcome to join our classes. As dancing is a social activity, we encourage students to rotate partners while in class as we believe different people have different techniques of dancing. This will help students adapt to different style of lead and follow thus help them to achieve precision.

With your convenience in mind, we are located strategically at Hong Lim Complex. Near to CBD area as well as housing estate; we are easily accessible by private and public transportation.

1)By Car:

                Parking at Hong Lim Complex or Chinatown Point

2)By Bus:

                Along South Bridge Road (B05199)

                61, 80, 145, 166, 174, 174e, 197

                Along Upper Cross Street (B05131)

                51, 63, 124, 174, 174e, 186, 851, 961, 961c, 970

3)By MRT:

               Chinatown Station: Downtown Line (DT19) – Exit F

               Chinatown Station: Northeast Line (NE4) – Exit E  




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